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Antje Hundhausen Deutsche Telekom

In times of digitization, technology gets more and more part of the fashion industry. It is a revolution where the usage of clothes and the peoples’ behavior change. Smart fashion and smart accessories need connectivity and a secure network - the core competences of Deutsche Telekom.

Therefore, Deutsche Telekom brought together two totally different worlds and initiated Fashion Fusion, an accelerator program at the intersection of fashion and technology turning visionary concepts into lifestyle reality.
Fashion Fusion is looking for pioneering new forms of technologically enhanced fashion, wearable technologies and everything in between. Fashion Fusion strive to bring forth disruptive solutions and formats by merging mixed expertise in a collaborative space – and to set new standards for smart fashion.

PET recycled skirt and crop top by Martijn van Strien. Raincoat by Stutterheim. Laser-cut acrylic ear jewellery and ring by Lena Voutta.

„Smart Fashion is a booming trend. And by adding yet another digital asset to our portfolio we are making our customer experience more complete, more tangible, close to the body.“

Fashion Fusion Challenge

Fashion Fusion was born in 2016 and had, for the time being, an experimental approach with the slogan “Unfolding the future of technology and fashion”. It was a great success as 120 applications from 25 countries all over Europe and beyond were submitted. Trainwear, a virtual personal trainer, integrated in sophisticated sportswear that monitors and supports the training individually, was the winner of the first Fashion Fusion challenge.

True to the slogan for this years‘ edition – Technology becomes Fashion – the seamless integration of technology and the need to keep an eye to marketability of a product, all the way from initial concept to readiness for market, will play the initial role. Fashion Fusion is looking for visionary ideas in three categories:

  • Connected Devices & Smart Accessories
  • Haute Couture & Show Fashion
  • Business Solutions & Smart Services

As with last year, an expert jury will select ten finalist teams. The teams get supported by coaches and experts from the industry to develop their concepts in a series of master classes from February to May 2018. The Telekom Fashion Fusion initiative has renowned partners like Adidas, Intel, Zeiss, The Parsons School of Fashion, Lufthansa, WIRED Germany, Premium and many more.

Telekom Fashion Fusion & Lufthansa FlyingLab

In addition to the main competition, Deutsche Telekom has jointly decided with Lufthansa to pose a new and exclusive challenge, the “Telekom Fashion Fusion & Lufthansa FlyingLab” challenge, which is currently running from September until December 2017. The aim of the exclusive challenge is to seek out innovations to enhance the long distance flight experience by the use of fashion and technology and to turn flying into a relaxing, joyable and more pleasant experience than ever for both, crew and passengers. Such innovations could involve the use of intelligent textiles in Lufthansa uniforms, optimize technologies to promote health and wellness during long-haul flights, smart services to provide support for on-board communication, or even creative entertainment solutions. The prototypes will be presented on a flight to CES which takes place on January 9th 2018 in Las Vegas.

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Antje Hundhausen

Antje Hundhausen ist VP Brand Experience bei der Deutschen Telekom.

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